Cleaning and Sanitizing Wine Making Equipment

Clean and sanitized equipment is a critical component of making quality wine.One of the most important and time consuming parts of the wine making process is cleaning and sanitizing. While it seems pretty straight forward at first there are some technical aspects that are important to understand so that you can be sure you’re properly preparing your equipment.

In this episode of Winemaker’s Academy we’ll take a look at exactly what’s entailed with cleaning and sanitizing separately. Also, we’ll dispel some of the confusion that occurs when the term sterilizing is used instead of sanitizing.

Wine Making Questions

There are also some great listener and reader questions covering a wine array of tipics. Here’s a list of the specific questions addressed in this show:

  1. What temperature should my finished wine be stored at?
  2. What is an acceptable amount of lees to transfer when racking? None?
  3. How long after bottling should I wait to open my wine?
  4. How long does sanitized equipment stay sanitized?
  5. Can I dissolve my potassium metabisulfite in wine instead of water?
  6. I think I overheated my fermenting wine. What do I do now?

Also Mentioned

Bottle Drying Tree

A bottle tree for drip drying your sanitized wine bottles.

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