Yeast is the star of the show when it comes to producing wine. Without these micro-organisms wine making itself would not be possible.

Wine yeast being hydrated in preparation for fermentation.

Wine yeast being rehydrated (currently in the lag phase)

In this episode of The Winemaker’s Academy Podcast we explore what the yeast go through during the fermentation process. This is what is known as the yeast life cycle.

This cycle is broken down into four major phases, each of which describe what the yeast population is doing.

  1. Lag Phase
  2. Rapid Growth Phase
  3. Stationary Phase
  4. Decline Phase

For more information on how this works check out The Epic Rise and Tragic Fall of a Yeast Empire.

Here are the listener and reader questions for this episode:

  1. What do you do to keep it in the 72-75 range during the whole process?
  2. How to degas without letting oxygen into the wine? What is the best wine whip to use?
  3. When I degas, how long do I wait to bottle? Bottle immediately or wait more?
  4. Is acidity measured before fermentation? or after? or both?
  5. Yeast additive advice for fermenting cashew apples.

Also in this episode I have introduce a new segment, the Quick Tip. For this first quick tip I shared something I learned recently.

Whenever you set out to work on your wine make an easy to read, bullet pointed list of everything you need to do, so you don’t forget anything.

Kit instructions are printed with small type and include a lot of information you don’t need when you’re just trying to verify the order of operations. Get organized so you don’t forget an additive like I did!

The following equipment and wine making topics were mentioned in this episode:

Photograph by: Agne27