Tasting Wine with the Wine Curmudgeon

The Wine Curmudgeon - Jeff SiegelAs winemaker’s we’re always concerned with how our wines taste and whether or not there was anything we could do to improve upon them. To help us understand how to better taste our wines we have Jeff Siegel, the Wine Curmudgeon, on the show for this episode.

Jeff is a wine writer, wine judge, and has literally written the book on how to purchase cheap wines. His specializes in helping ordinary consumers find wines that are reasonably priced. Jeff has tasted a lot of wines and shares the insights he’s gained along the way.

Here are links to Jeff’s website, book, and Twitter account:

Questions Answered

These great questions came in through the Facebook group and via email.

  1. When scaling up a wine recipe do I need to scale up the amount of yeast?
  2. I accidentally racked the sediment with my wine. What should I do now?
  3. I just started my wine kit and added the metabisulfite instead of the bentonite. Will it be okay?

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