Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the variously priced wine kits? Each kit manufacturer has different lines of kits that each have a different price tags on them according to the quality of the juice in the kit. However, what’s the real difference in taste?

Three Pinot Noirs from a kit.

Dennis & Cathy’s 3 Pinot Noirs

Introductory kits can sell for as little as $70 while the more expensive kits go for $200 or more. Are the expensive kits really three times better than the introductory kits? In this episode of the Winemaker’s Academy podcast my guests and I set out to answer this question.

Academy members Dennis and Cathy sent me three bottles of wine made from three different kits ranging from Vintner’s Reserve up to Eclipse. We did a blind tasting on the air and explored the differences between them. The results will surprise you!

Featured Forum Discussion

As mentioned in the show our featured community discussion for this week is:

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  • John Gallivan

    Hi Matt. You mentioned the wine you used for the comparison was mailed. My understanding mailing wine is illegal in the USA in every state. Is this true? I did enjoy the podcast.

    • John, this is a great question and one that is tough to answer. From what I understand it is illegal to ship wine if you’re not a commercial producer… however, it is legal to ship wine as a consumer for testing / evaluation purposes.

      Be sure to investigate local restrictions on the shipment of wine before trying to mail anything anywhere. The movement of wine can be regulated from the federal level all the way down to the city / county level where you live.

      [in case anyone in a grey suit is reading this, the wine in question was mailed to me for testing and evaluation purposes]