From Hobby Winemaker to Pro with Paul Bonacquisti

Paul Bonacquisti, formerly a radio DJ, made the jump from a hobby wine maker to a professional winemaker when he opened Bonacquisti Wine Company, a very popular Colorado winery. Paul joins Matt on the podcast to share his story of how he became a professional wine maker as well as advice on how others can do the same.

An interview with Paul BonacquistiWe also talk about synthetic closures, selling wine in growlers, and even kegging wine. This was a really fun interview to record and there’s also a lot to learn.

If you’re interested in learning more about Paul and to see what he’s up to check out his website: Bonacquisti Wine Company

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  • Jeff Cope

    Great interview with Paul Bonacquisti. I enjoyed the time I met with him when I was in Denver 2 years ago.

    • Thanks Jeff! Paul is a lot of fun to talk to and work with. I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast.

  • Cary Rodriguez

    This was a very good interview, and very informative, you could tell Paul is an ole radio guy, and I’m looking forward to getting some of his wine sent here to Cali, you guys could have talked for a hour or more and still kept it very interesting and entertaining, I would encourage you not to keep yourself constrained to a 30 min format, I also listen to Grape radio and some of there best show can be well over an hour, none the less it was a great interview

    • Thanks Cary! I’m glad you enjoyed my conversation with Paul. The episodes do fluctuate in length and I’ll keep your suggestion in mind. Cheers! -Matt

    • Hi Cary, I’m glad you enjoyed the interview with Paul! Thanks for the feedback about the show length. That’s something I’m always wrestling with.

      If you do decide to order some of Paul’s wine let him know where you heard about him. He’d appreciate that.

      Cheers Cary!