Adding Sulfites to Wine

Sulfites are a great tool for protecting wines. They can help ensure stability at the start of the wine making process as well as help wines keep for years in the barrel or bottle.

Sulfites help preserve and protect wines.

Sulfites help protect aging wines like these.

The key to sulfites is understanding that it is something to be maintained rather than something you add once and are done. There’s also no simple way to figure out how much you need to add.

In this episode we’ll cover when to use sulfites and how best to measure sulfites.

Listener & Reader Questions Answered

  1. Should I rack at a certain specific gravity or after a certain number of days?
  2. Can you recommend a pH test kit?
  3. I’m having trouble restarting a stuck fermentation. Any tips?
  4. I over sulfited my Chardonnay. What can I do now?

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Photograph by: Daniel Edwins