Selecting the Right Wine Making Yeast

Premier Cuvee Wine Making Yeast

Hydrating a Wine Making Yeast

Choosing a wine making yeast has both practical and artistic considerations. You have to consider the alcohol tolerance as well as the different flavor profiles they can produce.

In the main topic for this episode I walk through my own method for Choosing the Right Wine Making Yeast as well as the resources I use to make sure my yeast strain of choice will work for me.

Here are direct link to the  resources mentioned in the podcast:

Lastly, here are the articles I wrote outlining an experiment I did using different wine making yeast to ferment juice from the same source. Collectively these articles are referred to as the Great Riesling Yeast Experiment:

  • Part I, Inoculating the Yeast
  • Part II, Secondary Fermentation
  • Part III, Clarifying & Bottling
  • The Tasting, find out if non-wine geeks could tell the difference

Winemaking Questions

Here are all the questions addressed in this podcast. Listen using the player above to hear the answers.

  1. What is wine conditioner?
  2. Isn’t oxygen introduce my wine when I punch down the cap?
  3. How do you (Matt) manage oxygen when you make wine?
  4. Should different grape varietals be fermented seperately and then blended together? Or can you ferment more than one varietal in the same container?
  5. How long before I can lay down my newly bottled wine?

The following pages and products were also mentioned in this podcast:

  • Winepros article regarding aerobic vs anaerobic conditions during fermentation, click here.
  • Winemaker’s Answer Book by Alison Crowe.
  • Bottle Shock (a movie about how Chateau Montelena won the famous 1976 Judgement of Paris wine tasting, I highly recommend watching this, it’s a fun movie)

What do you think, can different yeast strains produce different flavor and aroma profiles from the same grapes? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.