After a seemingly eternal fourteen days since racking it’s time to degas and add a clarifying agent to the kit wine.

The wine whip degassing tool.Degassing is a brut force method of removing suspended carbon dioxide. I purchased a Fermtech Wine Whip (affiliate link) to help with this process and it saved me big time. More on that later.

Check out this video on degassing and adding a stabilizing agent to the wine. This is the final step before bottling. If this step isn’t done correctly your wine won’t clear and you won’t be able to move onto bottling!

During fermentation and the fourteen days after racking my Shiraz was stored below the recommended temperature range. This prolongs fermentation but also requires much more time to degas. All in all I spent nearly twenty minutes with the degassing the wine with the Wine Whip (affiliate link).

Twenty minutes may not sound like much but when you’re talking about stirring your wine with a power drill on full blast for twenty minutes it’s a pretty big deal. Without this tool degassing would have taken days.

There are several different style tools for this job and you don’t have to get the Wine Whip specifically, but do yourself a favor and get a degassing tool. You won’t regret it.

After adding the final additives to stop fermentation and degassing you shouldn’t see any action in your airlock. At this point it’s merely acting as a seal to protect your wine.

Up next, bottling your wine!