Bottling Your Wine

Bottling wine.

375ml Bottles Ready for Wine

Bottling is the final step in the wine making process (aside from aging). If done correctly your wine will be protected from oxygen and spoilage preserving your wine to enjoy for possible years to come.

In this episode I will go through the entire bottling process. The first thing covered is determining when to bottle which is equally as important as knowing how to bottle your wine. From there you’ll learn about cleaning and sanitizing bottles, back sweetening, bottle filler options, and much more.

Listener & Reader Questions Answered

  1. What can I use to degas my wine?
  2. Is there a time to just stop degassing and proceed to the next step?
  3. Will potassium metabisulfite protect my wine from a fruit fly that landed in my wine?
  4. How much dry yeast should I use to make my wine?
  5. Why do we put water in the air lock?

Articles, Resources, and Products Mentioned

Matt’s Wine

Here are some pictures from the wine I’m making and discussing in the “Matt’s Wine” segment of the show. This is a raisin wine that is currently in secondary fermentation.

Airlock with sedmient in it.    Raisin Wine

As you can see there is some sediment in the bottom of the airlock which was a result of the fermentation foam getting up into the airlock. Not a good situation. The water in this airlock could be contaminated and if it comes into contact with my wine may spoil it entirely.